insomnia ending anti-stress bath treatment

15-minute selfcare soak to toss aside insomnia.
1 Pouch = 1 Use / 10oz

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Stress-free Returns


This transdermal bath treatment refuels our bodies to organically reset and deflect all those stay-up vibes, refocus thoughts, and slow down our minds.


50% of us are stuck awake at night caused by everyday stress. All that stress uses up the energy our bodies need to fight back and sleep soundly.

  • biodegradable
  • non-toxic
  • no parabens
  • totally vegan
  • recyclable
  • cruelty-free

Popular Reviews

I work late nights and struggle to fall asleep most nights.  One of these and I pass out for hours.

Tried every pill and patch on IG and this is the one thing that again and again gives the magic of sleep.

I usually can't sleep cause my thoughts are out of control.  This helped slow it all down and I went to bed in 20 minutes a record for me!!!

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  • Ingredients

    Bioavailable Magnesium: The HBIC that controls all the ways our bodies respond to stress, so with over 77% of us not getting enough each day, we’re all prone to a bit of anxiety.

    Vitamins A & E: The couple that helps tell our bodies when it’s time to sleep or stay awake, and once we do fall asleep they help create and store up gobs of energy.

    Natural L-Carnitine: The chauffeur that escorts Vitamins A & E to areas of our bodies that need to rest and create energy - without the right amount, these essential vitamins can’t help us get a good night of rest. 

    Complete Ingredient List: Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (47% Concentration), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), L-Carnitine (Plant-derived), Calamus Oil, Mandarin Oil, Citral, Linalool, D-limonene

  • How To Use

    How To Transdermal Soak To Deep Sleep:  Rip that pouch open and dump it all into a full tub of warm, not super hot, water.  Then, hop on in and soak for at least 15 minutes, but it's okay to go longer.  After, lightly rinse off with warm water in th shower and towel dry.  Use 2-3 times a week.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this color the bath water or stain the tub?
    No, our bath soaks are not meant to change the color of the bath water - we don't want our skin soaking up any of that stuff.  Since there is not anything to color the water, there should not be any staining of the bathtub.

    Can I use more than one bag at a time?
    Sometimes, if you have a large bathtub, you may want to use two bags at a time to make sure you don't dillute it with too much water.  But, you can use up to two bags at a time if you would like.

    How do I know if the water is too hot?
    Most people do not like a bath that is too hot.  If it feels too hot to be a hot tub, then the bath is too hot.  The best temperature for your water is 100-110 degrees.

    Is this the same as epsom salts or bath salts?
    No, not at all.  When you look at the crystals, you will see they look very different from either of these types of salts.  Epsom salts have been chemically processed and are stripped of many natural vitamins and minerals.  Bath salts are iodized salt which have been chemically sterilized to only contain iodine.  Neither of these has a scientifically proven improvement on our bodies.  Only Magnesium Chloride, a natural element, contains powerful amounts of bioavailable Magnesium and dozens of essential vitamins and minerals.

    Can I mix this with bubble bath or other bath products?
    You absolutely can, but we do recommend you make extra sure you cover as much of your body with the water to make sure you get the full benefits of the soak.