How Not To Stress About
New Year’s Resolutions


How Not To Stress About New Year’s Resolutions

89% of US adults already experience some form of daily stress, so when the New Year comes around the last we thing any of us need to do is heap on some more.

Often we get excited about setting new goals and feel comforted by the idea of having a plan. If we don’t meet these goals or fall a bit off our plan, it can cause lots of extra stress that we had not planned for, but actually and accidentally caused ourselves.

That means we need to go about planning our resolutions so they don’t create more stress, but keep us excited and hopeful.

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let’s start with easing up on those deadlines...

Any goal - no matter how tiny or giant, how insignificant or important - can generate a whole lotta stress. But it’s often multiplied when we set New Year’s resolutions with short timelines or quick fix expectations. Create resolutions that have lots of little milestones to hit on your way to the end, not just one big end goal in a short time.

One of the best ways to not lose our steam when working on goals is prioritize our sleep. To help keep those sleepless nights at bay, an aid like our Insomnia Ending soak can help get you to sleep faster and keep you asleep longer so you wake up rested.

…and learn to be flexible and gentle with new ones.

And as so often life is very unexpected, life will intervene and make some goals harder to achieve or take longer to get to them. Let that be okay, just working on small milestone or mini goals along the way. Try to be proud that you’re continuing and still working at that goal. Be delighted that you’ve not given up - that’s HUUUUUGE!

But if any of us has a moment where we miss a milestone and are feeling blue, have a plan in place to recenter yourself. Our Sads Smashing soak is a great option with Nootropics to boost our Serotonin levels to elevate our mood, plus Magnesium to help manage our stress levels.


43% of us quit our resolutions by the
end of January?

and that’s a good lesson for year round.

So often we put too much pressure on ourselves. Even if we keep our resolutions realistic individually, we can try to pile on too many at once which is also not super realistic. Goals are like habits, they take time to build, time to make them habitual or the thing we do without thinking about it.

For all goals and resolutions, give ourselves the time to learn and build a new habit. Keep going in the smallest of ways, because over time they will build a castle of accomplished milestones and goals. 2024, we got this!!!

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