5 Reasons Why You’re About To Be Obsessed With
These Hella Relaxing Bath Soaks

1. All Of Our Products Will Have You Soaking In Relief You Can Actually Feel

Your skin is literally a giant sponge. Our transdermal bath soaks allow your body to absorb the stress-reducing nutrients it needs to catch that calm, embrace the zzz’s, and melt away those aches.

2. They Are Made With Hella Clean Ingredients That Are Good For Your Body

We believe in stress-free transparency. That's why our formulas are always vegan, biodegradable, and non-toxic: aka no stressing about what's soaking into your skin, or what's going down the drain.

3. It Takes As Little As 15 Minute To Give Stress The Finger

Thanks to transdermal absorption, your new fav stresscare routine does the most, hella fast. In a single bath, your body can soak up so many stress-reducing nutrients to promote quick and lasting relief.

4. We Created Stresscare With Proof

Anxiety, insomnia, and aches should never be the main character. That’s why thousands of research studies helped shape the combo of vitamins and minerals for destroying stress found in our soaks.

5. We Make It Super Easy To Find Your Perfect Soak

Our quiz will help you create a personalized stresscare routine. Relax, you can float away and soak in the nutrients your body needs to finally break up with stress.

Don't Just Take Our Word For it...


I have tried Epsom salts, bath bombs, cbd - but these beautiful bags of heaven made bath time a whole new experience!

Jamie C.


Unlike others bath bombs and I have tried I can actually feel the benefits after I step out of the tub.

Heather N.


Honestly I thought I hated baths before these soaks are changing my mind! So soothing and relaxing.

Samantha S.

Are You Ready To Give Stress The Finger?

© 2022 Flewd Stresscare. All rights reserved

© 2022 Flewd Stresscare. All rights reserved.